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In Spectrum! :D

This is the first time I've been in the computer lab for a while. David and Arielle are (supposedly) teaching us all about Adobe. We're really just sitting here talking about Adobe and not really doing anything.

I'm very glad that the graduation exams are going on--that means I get like, an additional hour in my first/second period class to do my homework. <3 That and none of the other teachers assign much homework or anything. I did have a shit load of French vocab due today that I'd forgotten about; thank you so much, Tyler, for letting me just blatantly copy down all of your hard work in Algebra II. I finished it earlier this period. x.x;; God, that's an insane amount of vocabulary.. I think I'm ready for the test, though.

Ew. :/ That means we have third lunch today. ;_; Lizzi is hungry now..

I don't think I'll be online tonight. >>; I've got drill this afternoon, then a book to read (for a book report due Friday that Mrs. McDowell JUST told us about x.x), then mandatory reading for an APUSH test, then.. um.. x.o oh yeah, two Algebra assignments I've completely forgotten about. I'm not worried about them, though.

Kay, bell's about to ring. :3 Ciao.

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